Gill Perkins

Minister Richard Benyon visits the Bees for everyone launch event by the Bumblebee Conservation Trust

Gill Perkins  –  “The Plight of the Bumblebee”

Gill Perkins has been an enthusiastic conservationist from a young age, from building footpaths in Devon, being an ecologist for the Lake District Special Planning Board to the highlight of her early career – counting puffins for the Icelandic National Park (there were about a quarter of a million).

As CEO for the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, she has found the perfect channel through which to promote her passion for bumblebees and their protection.

Gill gives an inspiring and entertaining talk on these special insects and explains why their numbers have so sharply declined in recent years, with two species becoming extinct, and what can be done to help reverse their decline.


Bumblebees are endearing and familiar insects. Their animated behaviour and deep buzz as they fly from flower to flower makes them a delight to watch.

Bumblebees share a unique relationship with humans, but their welfare is often framed in terms of threats to human interests such as economic impact, food security or production of goods. Gill will explore how these amazing creatures have their own intrinsic value and how all of us can help them to thrive.


Find out more in Gill’s book “Bumblebees – an Introduction’”


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