Jenny Mallin

Jenny Mallin in Delhi closeupJenny Mallin – “A Grandmother’s Legacy”

Jenny is an author and has recently won “Best in World Cookbook” for her memoir book “A Grandmother’s Legacy” based on five generations of her family who lived in India during the British Raj.

From Yorkshire pudding to curry, this is a wonderful fusion of cultures and the changes they embraced.

With her passions for cooking, India, research and writing, the outcome has been a labour of love for Jenny – a memoir that mingles the history of her family when they lived in India, with her grandmothers’ recipes that were prudently passed down through the generations.

Each recipe has been lovingly researched, leading Jenny on a road of discovery about her ancestors, with her grandmothers’ legacy continuing to assist in providing clues to their rich and eventful past.

Jenny gives a unique insight into five generations of an Anglo-Indian family; an evocative memoir that stirs the imagination of the reader by bringing to life her grandmothers, their lifestyle and their recipes.

It’s a story about these extraordinary ladies, who showed great foresight by sharing and passing their recipe book from one generation to the next… These were all ladies who were brought up during the reign of Queen Victoria and King George, fiercely loyal to their Queen (and King) and yet lived happily in their community in India, equally at home with making Yorkshire Pudding one day and a hot fiery Madras Curry the next.

As proud custodian of a recipe book that dates back to 1844, Jenny can share with us a glimpse into a fascinating period of time in Indian history.

  • “Jenny Mallin has every reason to call her book a memoir instead of a cookbook, though fans of cooking will also find it a treasure trove.” Jenny Mallin head and shoulders cropped
  • “Jenny gave us the most amazing insight to her family and heritage. She will transport you from Yorkshire to India, with a visual feast of her ancestors and their lives. She is a wonderful story teller.” Hungerford Rotary Club
  •  “On behalf of the Tadley & District Historical Society I would like to thank you Jenny for your fluent and lively presentation Generations of Family in the Raj.   To have such a wonderful artefact such as your great x 4 grandmother’s recipe manuscript book from 1844 when she was a memsahib is fantastic.  Speakers who are so enthusiastic about their subject are always enjoyable to listen to and you were no exception, so thank you again for a wonderful and enlightening talk”.                 Tadley & District Historical Society
  • “Thank A Grandmother's Legacy - final book cover + sticker (Hi Res)you most sincerely for your fascinating talk – we thoroughly enjoyed your illustrated talk with its illuminating insights and references to traditional family recipes. The details of the life style and traditions of the Anglo-Indian Community seen through the lens of several generations of your family brought alive an aspect of the Indian Raj that is little known. It is so easy for the detail of history to get lost, yet your family’s preservation of photographs, anecdotes and recipes has enabled you to shine a light on this era and on their lives in particular. It was a great pleasure to hear about it from you”  Wallingford Thames Ladies Probus

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