Barbara Cosgrave

Talk: The Psychology of Colour and How to use it.

Barbara thrives on inspiring women to feel confident, look great and succeed in whatever they choose to do.

Recent research demonstrated measurable physiological effects in people wearing red.  So, can the colours we choose to wear affect us and those who look at us?

If so, can we use colour to influence the results we want?

Barbara grew up immersed in the world of theatre and by watching and learning, developed a knack for absorbing the details of style, colour, attitude and presence that all go to make up a self-assured woman.

Since then she has travelled around the world, learning from other cultures and understanding the psychology of colour, style and the way we present ourselves.

She has developed a unique programme, that focuses on career and business goals, which will deliver a working wardrobe that will get you the results you want and never fail to impress the right people – always.

Her mantra is: Be Powerful, Memorable and Successful

  • Be powerful in your choices in life and work. Know your strengths, be true to your values and only work and live accordingly
  • Be memorable – in a good way – for your manners, business etiquette, professionalism, visual image, personal style and branding
  • Be successful – by combining all the above qualities to become your own best advert in your career and personal life. A person sought after for their business skills, integrity and style – the top of everyone’s list always

Barbara alternative head and shouldersBarbara with clothes






  • “Barbara is a true inspiration and a supportive coach, and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to transform the way they lo0ok and feel about themselves”
  • “For me, style was never my strength…. but as a result of Barbara’s srvices, I feel a lot more confident”

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